About Us

Welcome to BUD Apartments!

We are a small business, a family-led one. All started 6 years ago when we bought our first apartment in the downtown of the amazing city of Budapest. Since then we have been welcoming guests literally from all over the world, enabling them a wonderful and recreational stay in our beloved city.

All our flats (3 at the moment) are located in the city center in perfectly maintained buildings (15 years old, on average). The apartments are always in excellent condition, running a business with a relative low number of properties gives us the possibility to care even more for each of our listings.

We had guest staying with us between a few weeks and several years. As international, colorful and multi-cultural Budapest is, so were also our guests: Erasmus students, European officials, business owners from all continents of the world, tourists and of course, local citizens.

If you are looking for a high standard apartment for your middle- or long-term stay in Budapest, feel free to contact us and we will help you! We do this in a direct and personal way (without the hassle created by agencies, realtors or other middlemen), which guarantees you better rates, a pleasant stay and provides you a warm and friendly human connection in your new city.

We provide for all our services international invoices and can help you to obtain any other documentation which might be needed for your stay. Just ask us! J